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Article: 3971
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2016-01-22 14:01:40 -0500
Subject: Re: smfOptTable

On 22 Jan 2016 13:24, James Poe wrote:
> In building the libsnert and milter-bcc everything goes smoothly until I run
> "make build" in the /milter-bcc directory, then I get the following error:
> /tmp/ccWfyD5v.0(.text+0x7aa) In Function 'main' undefined reference to
> 'smfOptTable'

At the end of the libsnert configure, does it show it found the
libmilter library AND headers?

Many package systems separate what they think is application, libraries,
and development (in an old disk space limitation issue).

So make sure you have libmilter-devel installed, which will trigger the
building of mail/smf.c from libsnert.

Likewise, make sure the Berkeley DB devel matching your install Berkeley
DB is also installed.  If you are using something much newer (BDB 5+)
you probably need an update from me which i have.

> I did notice that after running "configure" in the milter-bcc directory
> the variable "exec_prefix"
> Has no directory entry after the ${prefix}...which maybe normal but looks
> out of place.

Shouldn't be an issue. By default exec_prefix = prefix, only if you
specified something special with --exec-prefix would that change.

> I can dump the output if needed.

I think I have an idea what's wrong:

a. Install libmilter-devel or equivalent

b. You might need unoffical update from me directly.

> I have RedHat el4 with sendmail 8.13.1 and libmilter is installed

8.13.1 is really old, given there is 8.15.2.  My milter support should
change much between them, but your Sendmail security issues might.

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