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24 June 2011

Private Wimp MLM 0.1.22 Assorted bug fixes and additions. See change log.

28 Janary 2010

Private Wimp MLM 0.1.13 Assorted changes and additions, see change log

24 Janary 2010

libsnert 1.73.5 Added smtp2Auth() to the smtp2 API.
Private Wimp MLM 0.1.12 Added SMTP AUTH support.

15 Janary 2010

libsnert 1.73.4 Fixed critical problem in KVM DB support that causes milters to report an access.db error and/or crash.

Private Wimp MLM 0.1.8 Initial release

1 September 2009

Libsnert and the following milters have been updated. Please note too that milter-link is now a commercial source product.

libsnert 1.72.8 many many changes
milter-date 0.25 minor fixes
milter-gris 0.22 minor fix
milter-link 1.0 Commerical release.
milter-spamc 1.15 minor enhancement

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