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Article: 3955
From: Tracy Greggs
Date: 2015-09-10 19:59:49 -0400
Subject: RE: Milter-Ahead for Sendmail Gateway and Exchange 2013

Thank you very much and Anthony as well.   Working perfectly now!


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Subject: [milters] RE: Milter-Ahead for Sendmail Gateway and Exchange 2013

> I can do recipient verification on port 2525 of the Exchange 2013 server
> but no on port 25 for which seems to be no other workaround with Exchange.
> Is it possible to do recipient verification over port 2525
> to exchange.mydomain.com yet deliver over port 25 to exchange.mydomain.com

Yes, its possible and we do exactly that in conjunction with Exchange 2013.
We're using a call-ahead db which is configured in milter-ahead.cf:

The source of the call-ahead db is a call-ahead table:

exchange2013.our.domain  [,2525]

The delimiter between ip and port looks a little bit odd,
but for IPv6 compatibility, the comma is better than a colon.

make db from table:
makemap hash call-ahead-table.db < call-ahead-table

The entry for the domain in mailertable is as usual, so for the recipient
port 2525 ist used, but the transport goes over port 25.


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