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Article: 3915
From: Jon Rowlan
Date: 2014-11-14 15:41:16 -0500
Subject: RE: Documentation query

Thanks for replying Rich,

>> Well from my reading it says you are clear where it should go, so it
won't do an mx lookup or do a test ahead. 

But the text says that it will _not_ do a lookup if the square brackets
are _missing_ ... but mine are not missing, therefore it should do a
lookup !?

And in any case, there is no question on _where_ the milter needs to go
to look ahead ... just whether it is going to or not.

Its still confusing, what I am seeing is any mailertable entry does not
get looked ahead.

Why would that be?

Knowing where the authoritative server is must surely provide a sound
place to query against?


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