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Article: 3893
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2014-07-21 20:46:32 -0400
Subject: milter-spamc - issue - Line breaks in subject line

This was lost in the shuffle last week...

On 18 Jul 2014 13:45, thus spoke Christopher from the mountain...:
> Hi,
> I'm upgrading the underlying OS for Spamassassin/milter-spamc,
> sendmail is still running on a separate machine, no changes there.
> Old and new machines are running the same libsnert (1.73.17) and the
> same milter-spamc (1.15.388).
> Old Spamassassin is 3.3.2 on an older Fedora. ▒New Spamassassin is
> 3.4.0, Fedora 20.
> Incoming emails are scanned by both milter-spamc's.
> I compiled libsnert and milter-spamc on the new machine, and
> everything seems OK except that there are line breaks in subject lines
> logged by milter-spamc in the syslog, creating multi line entries.
> Comparing the same entries in the old machine's log, those line breaks
> are instead either the string '#012' alone, or '#012' followed by
> '#011'.
> At minimum, this breaks grep; I don't know if this is feeding bad info
> to Spamassassin as well? ▒Is there a fix/workaround?
> Thanks

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