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Article: 3837
From: Alex Broens
Date: 2014-01-27 09:49:02 -0500
Subject: Re: Maybe i's because I is not WIMP?

On 01/27/2014 03:26 PM, Anthony Howe wrote:
>> I post the build result from WIMP below.  Apart from certain early warnings,
>> it would appear that the WIMP code takes great exception to certain parts of
>> libsnert. I'd be grateful should anyone have any advice as to the likely
>> cause: code ~vs~ platform|compiler.
> Dave,
> Try this newer version of libsnert 1.75.25:
> http://www.snert.com/downloads/private/snertsoft/libsnert-1.75.25.tar.gz
> NOTE that the currently officially released milters will probably NOT
> build properly against the newer libsnert 1.75. I have updates for all
> them, but I just haven't gotten around to releasing them yet. (Yes Alex
> I know, I've been saying this since just before the country move).

Oh - I thought you had released it by now....

milter-link -info

has been real nice to me .-)

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