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Article: 3827
From: Jon Rowlan
Date: 2014-01-09 12:54:44 -0500
Subject: RE: Strange error from milter-ahead

> I am getting filterAbort(809a1d8)

> Appears to be a trace/debug log output; check your verbose setting in
milter-ahead.cf. filterAbort no longer appears in more recent versions;
> 1.4 is really old, from 2006.

Increasing verbosity of debug output I have found that this is caused by holding MX
records in sendmail thus:


And when

[x.x.x.x] is offline, after 2 minutes of waiting for milter-ahead to connect to the lookup
server, the connecting mail 
server gives up and I get: 

EOM: unexpected close

I can get the IP's swapped but is there a way to avoid this? Perhaps a timeout setting
that I can reduce?

As to my version, I am using a rather old Linux install and need to update, are the
prerequisites changed and does my subscription include updates?

I have relied on this software so much in the last decade or so that I would be happy to



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