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Article: 3342
From: Sascha Klauder
Date: 2013-01-24 10:47:56 -0500
Subject: Re: milter-ahead not calling ahead on non-standard port

On Thu, 2013-01-24 09:49 -0500, Anthony Howe wrote:
> Might be a white list issue.
> Try
> 	verbose=info,dialog,parse,db

Tried that, see below.

> > and in the network trace, there's a connection attempt to
> > the target host on port 25.
> Hmm... This might be a text file parsing problem (smdb.c, kvmap.c). I
> recall AlexB mentioning something in this regard concerning text!... in
> another milter.
> 	call-ahead-db=text!/etc/mail/call-ahead-db.txt
> Try switching to a BDB:
> 	call-ahead-db=db!/etc/mail/call-ahead.db
> Use makemap (sendmail) or kvmap (libsnert) to convert the .txt file to a
> .db.

I used kvmap to make a db file. BDB version is 4.1. Log output:

milter-ahead[49055]: 00025 r0OFX64E049788: address='' localleft='' localright='' domain=''
milter-ahead[49055]: 00025 r0OFX64E049788: sender=<> access=? skipConnection=0
milter-ahead[49055]: 00025 r0OFX64E049788: address='foobar@customer-domain.de'
localleft='foobar' localright='' domain='customer-domain.de'
milter-ahead[49055]: 00025 r0OFX64E049788: "" default action
milter-ahead[49055]: 00025 r0OFX64E049788: recipient=<foobar@customer-domain.de>
access=M skipConnection=0 skipRecipient=0
milter-ahead[49055]: 00025 r0OFX64E049788: rcpt_host='8825' is not a defined route,

 I used '<>' in mail from: for quicker testing, but the result is
the same using a full address, if that would make any difference.

 The last line looks suspicious?  Using the BDB map, milter-ahead
continues to work correctly for all other domains not using a non-
standard port.


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