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Article: 3341
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2013-01-24 09:49:03 -0500
Subject: Re: milter-ahead not calling ahead on non-standard

On 23 Jan 2013 11:08, Sascha Klauder whispered from the shadows...:
> Interesting, now it rather seems it doesn't connect to
> the target host at all, I only get these messages:
> milter-ahead[4466]: 00073 r0NF0FhQ078835: address='sascha@trimind.de'
localleft='sascha' localright='' domain='trimind.de' auth='(NULL)'
> milter-ahead[4466]: 00073 r0NF0FhQ078835: sender=<sascha@trimind.de> access=M
skipConnection=0 skipMessage=0
> milter-ahead[4466]: 00073 r0NF0FhQ078835: address='foobar@customer-domain.de'
localleft='foobar' localright='' domain='customer-domain.de'
> milter-ahead[4466]: 00073 r0NF0FhQ078835: recipient=<foobar@customer-domain.de>
access=M skipConnection=0 skipRecipient=0
> and nothing else.  All recipient addresses are accepted
> by sendmail.

Might be a white list issue.



>> like to know the value reported. The [ip.address.of.customer]:8825
>> syntax should work. socketOpenClient() should use the port from the
>> rcpt_host string parsed from the call-ahead-db, over the default port.
> When removing the ':8825' part from call-ahead-db.txt, I
> additionally get:
> milter-ahead[4466]: 00073 r0NFiuIJ005756: contacting server [ip.address.of.customer]
for <foobar@customer-domain.de>
> milter-ahead[4466]: 00073 r0NFiuIJ005756: trying to connect to host
> and in the network trace, there's a connection attempt to
> the target host on port 25.

Hmm... This might be a text file parsing problem (smdb.c, kvmap.c). I
recall AlexB mentioning something in this regard concerning text!... in
another milter.


Try switching to a BDB:


Use makemap (sendmail) or kvmap (libsnert) to convert the .txt file to a

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