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Article: 3338
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2013-01-23 08:47:15 -0500
Subject: Re: milter-ahead not calling ahead on non-standard

You have not stated which versions of libsnert and milter-ahead.

On 18 Jan 2013 07:13, Sascha Klauder whispered from the shadows...:
>  I haven't been able to discourage one of our customers from
> using a non-standard port on his antispam appliance.  I have
> in milter-ahead.cf:
> cache-accept-ttl=604800
> cache-reject-ttl=3600
> cache-type=bdb
> call-ahead-db=text!/etc/mail/call-ahead-db.txt
> -rfc2821-syntax
> -mx-lookup
> +daemon

Try also with


You should see a log line

	"trying to connect to host %s...

which will report the string format used for socketOpenClient(). I'd
like to know the value reported. The [ip.address.of.customer]:8825
syntax should work. socketOpenClient() should use the port from the
rcpt_host string parsed from the call-ahead-db, over the default port.

> and in call-ahead-db.txt:
> customer-domain.de [ip.address.of.customer]:8825
>  There's a mailer named "esmtp8825" defined in Sendmail to
> talk smtp on port 8825 for this customer.  Milter-ahead picks
> this up correctly, but, verified by network trace, it's trying
> to connect to port 25 then anyway.
>  While documentation suggests that non-standard ports are
> supported and milter-ahead.c actually parses the port speci-
> fier, it seems to ignore it later and always uses a defined
> constant SMTP_PORT when contacting the target host.
> Is call-ahead supported for non-standard ports?

It certainly should and would be a bug otherwise.

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