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Article: 2896
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2012-09-07 09:21:14 -0400
Subject: milter-limit list of limits (was Re: RE:

On 6 Sep 2012 13:31, Dave Godglick whispered from the shadows...:
> I was able to get it to reject no using milter-limit-Auth: which should work
> for my purposes. Is it possible to set a group of limits like 5/1M as well
> as 1000/24h

No, since I have no idea how that might work since logically the shorter
time frame would always take precedence as I see it; or such a list
would be dependent on ordering which would probably be confusing:

	milter-limit-auth:achowe@snert.com	10/5m 1000/24h
	milter-limit-auth:achowe@snert.com	1000/24h 10/5m

The above syntax does NOT work, since it would currently conflict with
the pattern-list syntax. If you can explain how you envision such a
syntax I could think about it.

You can have:

	milter-limit-auth:achowe@snert.com	10/5m
	milter-limit-auth:			1000/24h

Which would mean the authenticated user achowe@snert.com has a different
limit from the global limit for _authenticated_ users (note that this
would be different from a more general milter-limit-from:).

You can use a pattern list for milter-limit-auth: in which case the
search string used is the sender address, which might be different from
the {auth_authen} value.

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