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Article: 2886
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2012-08-17 10:04:15 -0400
Subject: Re: odd problem FreeBSD 8 + sendmail + milter-ahead

Just to recap "not a defined route":


> Aug 17 10:18:30 mail2 milter-ahead[85703]: 04154 q7H8IOIw027669:
filterRcpt(800e8b280, 800e2b4a0) RCPT='<ulrich.mueller@kplus-wood.at>'
rcpt_addr='<ulrich.mueller@kplus-wood.at>' rcpt_host='' rcpt_mailer=''

The value of the {rcpt_host} given to the milter is empty as shown above.

> rcpt_host='' is not a defined route, skipping => This looks to me as
> if milter_ahead is not getting the correct value of rcpt_host
> anymore, which should be the receiving host for the kplus-wood.at
> domain, defined in /etc/mail/mailertable, right?

Yes. The {rcpt_host} and {rcpt_mailer} should be based on mailertable,
if an entry for kplus-wood.at exists.

What are call-ahead-db, mx-lookup set too?

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