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Article: 2867
From: Marcello Anderlini
Date: 2012-03-29 06:57:15 -0400
Subject: R: Re: Can not limit connection with milter-limit

Hello, I'm trying now to limit the number of recipients.
Just for test I set this values in my access
milter-limit-rcpt-connect:      2/5m
milter-limit-rcpt-from: 2/5m 
But I'm still able to send one single email to 3 differents recipients.
I've tried to change this parameters in milter-limit.cf but without success.

Thanks again for any kind of help

Dr. Marcello Anderlini
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On 29 Mar 2012 10:03, Marcello Anderlini whispered from the shadows...:
> Thank you for your answer but I've not understood where I should put this
> setting,that is this value has to be set in /etc/mail/access or
> /etc/mail/milter-limit.cf ?

The .cf file is only for options. All the milter-limit-*: tags discussed
under access-db option, go into the file specified by the access-db;
typically this is the "access" file, which is then used to generate the
access.db using makemap (sendmail) or postmap (postfix).

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