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Article: 1185
From: Denis Beauchemin
Date: 2010-12-17 10:46:03 -0500
Subject: Question about milter-limit


Yesterday I deployed the current version of milter-limit on one sendmail server because I
wanted to reject emails with nrcpts greater than 100. I thought I could do it with the
following access directives:
milter-limit-Rcpt-Connect:132.210.244   100
milter-limit-Rcpt-From:e-lotto.com      0
milter-limit-Connect:132.210            -1/1
milter-limit-Connect:10                 -1/1
milter-limit-Connect:          -1/1
milter-limit-Connect:   10/30m

The description of milter-limit says: Specify the maximum number of recipients per message
a connected client-ip, unresolved client-ip address, or IP addresses that resolve to a
client-domain may address. Did I interpret this correctly?

Unfortunately it didn’t work. All emails with nrcpts greater than 100 did pass through.

Is that a bug or did I do something wrong like mixing Rcpt and plain Connect directives ?


PS: versions installed: libsnert-1.73.17, milter-limit-0.14 and sendmail-8.13.8-8.el5.

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