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Article: 1134
From: Stephan Jauernick
Date: 2010-11-16 02:23:14 -0500
Subject: milter-ahead && libsnert problems: version.h not found


We are reinstalling our server at the moment and need to recompile 

But during compilation of the libsnert we got the following error:

h1823753:/usr/local/src/com/snert/src/lib# LANG=C  make
makefile:211: warning: overriding commands for target `install'
makefile:142: warning: ignoring old commands for target `install'

==> /usr/local/src/com/snert/src/lib

gcc -DLIBSNERT_BUILD=`cat /usr/local/src/com/snert/src/lib/BUILD_ID.TXT` 
-I/usr/local/src/org/sqlite/include -D_REENTRANT -O2 -Wall -m64 
-I./../../include  -c LibSnert.c
LibSnert.c:7:35: error: com/snert/lib/version.h: No such file or directory
LibSnert.c:10: error: expected '=', ',', ';', 'asm' or '__attribute__' 
before 'LibSnert'
make: *** [LibSnert.o] Error 1

Please provide us a list of details you need to further investigate the 

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