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Article: 1107
From: Andrew Lyon
Date: 2010-10-14 07:25:55 -0400
Subject: tagless access.db entries and milters


To cut down on backscatter and wasted cpu cycles our secondary mx's
all have a complete list of valid users in access.db, for example:

domain.com "550 User Unknown"
a.valid.user@domain.com        OK
another.valid.user@domain.com        OK

with blacklist_recipients switched on this prevents the secondary mx
from accepting mail for invalid users and attempting to deliver it
upstream, I understand I could use a call-ahead check but these
secondary mx's are specifically to provide backup if our primary is
down, so I need them to function standalone.

However I understand that tagless entries are depreciated in sendmail
so at some stage these will stop working and I should already stop
using them, the entries are tagless because adding To: causes
milter-spiff (and others) to treat the recipient as whitelisted, the
milters ignore tagless entries unless a option is specified at compile

The only option to avoid using tagless entries seems to be adding
entries like this:

To:domain.com "550 User Unknown"
To:a.valid.user@domain.com        OK
milter-spiff-To:a.valid.user@domain.com        SKIP
milter-clamc-To:a.valid.user@domain.com       SKIP
To:another.valid.user@domain.com        OK
milter-spiff-To:another.valid.user@domain.com        SKIP
milter-clamc-To:another.valid.user@domain.com        SKIP

Which seems messy and will increase the size of the access.db by quite
a large number of records.

Is there another way?


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