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Article: 1047
From: <guenter@grodotzki.ph>
Date: 2010-09-01 11:22:04 -0400
Subject: Re: SnertSoft milters & Postfix

Ah cool ok. that info was missing (I just used .txt, as I could not 
figure it out). I will write a tutorial this weekend and post it in here..

Luckily your milters are _very_ debian friendly (which I like ;) ) - so 
there was little problem installing..

On 9/1/10 8:35 AM, Anthony Howe wrote:
> On 31/08/2010 19:30, G√ľnter Grodotzki whispered from the shadows...:
>> Are there any tutorials how to use your milters with postfix?
> None that anyone I know has written.
> There is only one required option to set in any SnertSoft milter in
> order to handle a difference between Postfix's postmap and Sendmail's
> makemap:
> 	+smdb-key-has-nul
>> From the common options found in most milter .cf files (note the
> "experimental" should be ignored, as it is no longer such):
> # Key lookups must include the terminating NUL byte. Intended for
> # Postfix with postmap(1) generated .db files; experimental.
> #
> +smdb-key-has-nul
> Most of what is generally required is covered by Postfix's milter
> documentation http://www.postfix.org/MILTER_README.html
> The set of supported Sendmail macros has been a little tricky in the
> past, in particular for milter-ahead that relied on {rcpt_addr} and
> {rcpt_host} values being defined. For Postfix with milter-ahead, you
> need to use the call-ahead-db option, since the necessary macros aren't
> defined (until version 2.6). The call-ahead-db option does support the
> Sendmail mailertable and Postfix transport file formats.
> Other than that, I'm not aware of any other common or specific milter
> Postfix related configuration "gotchas".
> There are at least two Postix milter users who do follow the mailing
> list and may have additional feedback.

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