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Article: 775
From: David L. Aldridge
Date: 2010-06-25 17:07:26 -0400
Subject: RE: milter-spamc

I compiled miltler-spamc under libsnert-1.74.7.  milter-spamc ran for 5 hours (which is at
the high end of its previous successful run time) before it died.

In this particular gateway cluster, I have 3 servers.  Two running FreeBSD 8 and one
running 7.2.  It might be interesting to note that RES memory is more than twice as high
on the v8 servers than on the v7.  Although higher, allocation, deallocation and or
garbage collection were taking place because the number grew and declined as one might

I do have Sendmail 8.14.4 with libmilter built from it.

kern.maxfilesperproc is 11095, the FreeBSD default and the same as the v7 box.

I have not tried to examine the core dump because I don't know enough to do so

I know that moving to FreeBSD 7 is the easy answer, but, since it is EOL, I would really
like to use 8.


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On 24/06/2010 20:54, David L. Aldridge whispered from the shadows...:
> I have been using milter-spamc for years with solid results.
> Currently, I have upgraded several gateway servers to FreeBSD 8.  When I
> did, milter-spamc Version: 1.15.388 dies every two to four hours.

Have you noticed high memory VSZ or RSS consumption? Might be the OS is
killing the process.

Have you checked the per process file descriptor limits?

Have you enabled core files for daemons? A core from a milter crash
should appear in the work-dir, typically /var/tmp. This would be useful
in order to get a stack trace.

I've no experience with FreeBSD 8; it might be a bug in their libc or
libpthread libraries if this has only now started to occur. I'll send
you the latest libsnert to try.

Also make sure you are using the most current libmilter from Sendmail
8.14.4 just in case there have been libmilter related bug fixes.

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