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Article: 769
From: Grant Taylor
Date: 2010-06-25 10:35:31 -0400
Subject: Re: Comments on this backscatterer.org?

On 06/25/10 04:06, Anthony Howe wrote:
> BarricadeMX is a great solution, but more expensive and typically out of
> the budget of small sites and hobbyists. The people at
> http://www.fsl.com/ handle sales.
30 day demo license are available.

I'm glad to hear about the demo.

I might have to look in to that.

> Documentation http://www.snertsoft.com/smtp/smtpf/

I'll peruse said docs when I have a moment.

> With BarricadeMX, you'd probably replace you anti-spam configuration
> completely with BarricadeMX. It hooks into SpamAssassin and support four
> different anti-virus products currently.

In time, you may be correct.

However that does not make an apple a viable replacement for an orange 
when you are needing a (newer version of) an orange.  ;-)

Fortunately for now, the old version is still viable.  (I've recently 
dealt with a different vendor that removed old versions / products from 
use as soon as the new version came out.)

> Existing users can continue to use the software. However, the software
> won't be updated with the latest bells & whistles found in BarricadeMX
> such as the Grey Listing Optimisations (GLO), Multicast/Unicast Cache
> API (shared cache), the Parallel Domain Query (PDQ) API (better DNS
> handling), grey-content option, etc.


> Much of these changes will eventually go into milter-gris, but
> maintaining a 3rd title with grey-listing features, just becomes too
> much duplication.

I suspect that I should also take another look at milter-gris.  (I was 
always happy with milter-sender and as such didn't look that closely at 

> There was no discussion about it. The slow down in development was only
> natural given the limited resources and focus on BarricadeMX in
> partnership with Fort Systems Ltd.

I wasn't thinking about a discussion, so much as a notice of what had 
happened.  (I guess this thread sort of covers that.)

> I'd beg to differ functionality wise it is a great replacement. Cost
> wise, it might be too expensive, though several clients have actually
> saved money by replacing Barracuda or Symantec boxes with BarricadeMX;
> one client found that after installing BarricadeMX, they reduced their
> machine load and thus they could reduce their MX cluster from five to
> three machines.

That probably is the case for an over all solution.  But that does not 
suffice when you need a small replacement to fit in to existing 
situations.  This is where BarricadeMX is not a drop in replacement.

Consider if you will someone having an anti-spam solution that they have 
rolled monitoring / (end) user interface web pages around.  It would not 
be possible to take a failing milter-sender and replace just that one 
milter with BarricadeMX.  (Perhaps milter-gris would be a viable option 
for part of what milter-sender was doing.)

> I'll see what can be done. I do know that FSL will sometimes do a
> conference call and demo for a prospective client. Maybe a group demo
> might be possible. I'll discuss this with FSL. Maybe we can make a demo
> and explanation video for download.

I think the option of a 30 day demo will suffice.

> Assorted logging flags can be turned on/off without having to restart
> the process. This is very handy if you need to diagnose a delivery
> problem related to a particular set of tests.

Couldn't that be done with -sig USR1 (or similar)?  I.e. update the 
config file, tell the daemon to re-parse said config file.

Grant. . . .

P.S.  Thank you for taking the time to reply to my message.  -  Please 
don't take it as any thing other than simple discussion.

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