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Article: 717
From: Quentin Campbell
Date: 2010-06-17 11:42:46 -0400
Subject: RE: Comments on this backscatterer.org?

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>Subject: [milters] Re: Comments on this backscatterer.org?
>Essentially it boils down to a low ROI for milter-sender vs. a more
>comprehensive product like BarricadeMX.
>/me Wish I could figure out a nice way to broadcast an online demo of
>BarricadeMX, its web-interface, SMTP interface (admin commands & stats),
>and show off the feature set. Then people might see why I invest so much
>time in it.

I can understand why Anthony invests so much time in BarricadeMX and we are glad that he

We are a largish UK university with 30,000+ email addresses and we receive between 1-2
million emails each day. On average 85% of that is spam; this peaks to as high as 97%-98%.
Being able to detect and reject that level of spam/malware is vitally important to us.

We were long-time users of MailScanner and also ran some of Anthony's milters. We replaced
all of that and adopted BarricadeMX instead about 2 years ago.

Having a very fast proxy MTA like BarricadeMX allows us to reject spam in real-time rather
than accepting then tagging or deleting it as we did with MailScanner. Our rejection
policy can be as aggressive as we wish; wrong decisions just result in the (genuine)
sender being notified so problems are noticed and can be fixed. 

A critical factor in the success of BarricadeMX for us is that it implements a shared
cache (maintained using multi-cast protocols). This means that we can run multiple, same
preference value, MX hosts for the 80+ domains that we host. Our four identical MX hosts
are split 50-50 between two sites and gives us the vital resilience we need. 

Because BarricadeMX is so efficient and fast we need just two 4GB DL380 G6 MX hosts
(running CentOS 5.3) to handle the mail load I described above. One will just about cope.
Being able to take one (of the four) MX hosts down at any time to upgrade it is a
significant operational advantage. 

Please keep doing the day job, Anthony!

Quentin Campbell (Postmaster)
PHONE: +44 191 222 8209    Information Systems and Services (ISS),
                           Newcastle University,
                           Newcastle upon Tyne,
FAX:   +44 191 222 8765    United Kingdom, NE1 7RU.

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