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Article: 625
From: Javier Galvez
Date: 2010-06-05 21:56:50 -0400
Subject: central database file (shared among distributed servers)


Is there any chance to "share" a common milter-sender, milter-ahead
database shared among several antispam servers (sort of cluster)??

I found the following: 

1) milter-sender and milter-ahead does not have a "centralized" or
"distributed" database if one server rejects and there are 3 antispam
servers running milter-sender all the other will reject ad different times

2) there is no "centralized" database to whitelist always have to erase
the milter-sender.db and restar the milter :-(

help or suggestions to make this work greately appreciated.


Javier Galvez Funes

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