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Article: 362
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2010-03-14 08:22:29 -0400
Subject: Libsnert & Ubuntu 9.10 build problem...

The issue...

kvm.c: In function ‘kvm_get_db’:
/usr/include/bits/syslog.h:30: sorry, unimplemented: inlining failed in
call to ‘syslog’: redefined extern inline functions are not considered
for inlining
kvm.c:1328: sorry, unimplemented: called from here

I've finally found that I can duplicate the issue with libsnert, syslog,
and inline on my 32-bit Ubuntu system, so it is not exclusive to 64-bit,
but it does appear to be an Ubuntu Linux issue. Linux Centos/Redhat
doesn't exhibit this.

Apparently if I

	cd com/snert/src/lib
	./configure --enable-debug
	make clean build

Then everything builds fine. If I simply do ./configure, then the -O2
option appears to enable certain tests and/or inline behaviour issue.
Even downgrading to -O1 does the same thing.

I've tried disable all sort of -f*inline* options, disabling macros with
-U but haven't without success.

For the moment the only work-around I've found is to configure and build
libsnert with --enable-debug.

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