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Article: 324
From: Skull
Date: 2010-03-02 05:53:07 -0500
Subject: Re: milter-link 1.3.0 and libsnert 1.73.14 released.

On 3/2/10 11:28 AM, Anthony Howe wrote:

>> Is it needed for special support for dbl.spamhaus in milter-link ? I'm
> Yes. SpamHaus do NOT support IP lookups, like SUBL and URIBL do, and may
> blacklist sites that send IP lookups to dbl.spamhaus.org.
> http://www.spamhaus.org/faq/answers.lasso?section=Spamhaus%20DBL#279
>> I'm also using dbl.spamhaus with the m4 from rfc-ignorant
>> /FEATURE(`rhsbl', `dbl.spamhaus.org')/
> This should be safe, since it is only a domain lookup as I recall.
> Though the accuracy of this test vs the dbl.spamhaus.org intended
> purpose is probably is probably a wasted and pointless lookup. You'll
> have better results simply doing zen.spamhaus.org IP lookup.

Doing that kind of lookup won't harm and *is* part of DBL intended usage:

«The DBL is both a domain URI Blocklist and RHSBL. It is intended
primarily for message body URI checks but it can additionally be used
for connection checks at the SMTP level and header domain checks (HELO,
connecting IP rDNS domain, From & Reply-To domains, Message-ID domain)
and other checks involving domains.»

(from http://www.spamhaus.org/DBL/)

At the moment I'm using it with postfix to lookup rDNS, envelope sender
and HELO string:

    reject_rhsbl_helo dbl.spamhaus.org=
    reject_rhsbl_client dbl.spamhaus.org=
    reject_rhsbl_sender dbl.spamhaus.org=

While milter-link does all the DATA stuff...

The envelope-time lookups are pretty inexpensive and well effective
against snowshoers...

Professional System & Network Sarcazzer

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