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Article: 264
From: Rick Knight
Date: 2010-01-20 12:23:40 -0500
Subject: Re: Re: LibSnert and Milter-report

Anthony Howe wrote:
> On 19/01/2010 21:19, Rick Knight whispered from the shadows...:
>> I am still trying to install Milter-report on my sendmail server. I have
>> built and installed LibSnert and Milter-report. I have created the
>> folders for the unix socket, pid file and cache file. I have set
>> permissions on those folders. When I start Milter-report nothing
>> happens. No unix socket or pid file is created. Cache folder is empty.
>> Ps -w aux | grep milter-report shows nothing running. What am I doing
>> wrong? How can I get Milter report to work on my system?
> 1. Try
> 	milter-report -help
> You should get output to standard out.
> 2. Have you placed a milter-report.cf in /etc/mail?
> 	# cd /etc/mail
> 	# milter-report -help >milter-report.cf
> 	# vi milter-report.cf 		(review/edit options)
> Note on Linux milter-report lives in /usr/local/sbib while *BSD system
> it lives in /usr/local/libexec.
> 3. Start milter report
> 	# milter-report -restart verbose=warn,info,db ; tail -f /var/log/maillog
> Does milter-report log anything in the maillog? Typically if it can't
> start, it is reported in the maillog.
> 4. You have noted that you are using the lates libsnert 1.73.4, which is
> good.

Thank you for your reply and suggestions.

When I run 'milter-report -h' I get no output at all.

When I run 'milter-report > milter-report.cf' I also get no output. No 
error message. Nothing.

When I run 'milter-report -restart verbose=warn,info,db ; tail -f  
/var/log/maillog' I get output from the maillog, but nothing about 

All the above commands run as root.

When I built LibSnert and Milter-report I saw no build errors or 
dependency problems. Why would I not get any output from milter-report -h?

Rick Knight

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