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Article: 261
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2010-01-20 06:28:20 -0500
Subject: RE: wimp

On 20/01/2010 09:39, Anthony Howe whispered from the shadows...:
> I'm going to setup smrsh on my server and see if I can duplicate the
> issue. I'll also add some more debugging output and send you a new
> version to try.

Well I've installed sendmail 8.14.4 (released 30 Dec 2009) and new
libmilter, installed smrsh, and after some fixing conflicts with old
versions of smrsh lying about, smrsh and wimp worked happily together.

smrsh does log in maillog types of failures.

I've also created a 0.1.10 with +verbose logging to maillog (Quentin:
I'll send this direct to you to try).

> I suspect the issue is file permissions, but for some reason your not
> getting the bounce message back with stderr output in root mailbox. I'll
> send you a version with more logging to maillog instead of stderr.

So standard shell or smrsh with wimp is fine. I suspect that there is a
permissions issue with the wimp setup to resolve.

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