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Article: 190
From: John Hinton
Date: 2009-11-19 15:50:57 -0500
Subject: Website Problem

Sorry to post this to the list.

It seems that libsnert no longer works on my backup mailserver. I bought 
milter ahead a few years ago. I tried to login to download the new 
version and can't seem to figure out what password was used. So, I hit 
the password function and nothing came in my email. So, I tried it again 
and checked all of my mailserver logs and can't find where it might be 
getting blocked. Not that this is an easy task as I really don't know 
what mailserver the new pass might be coming from. So, I used the 
contact form to ask about this and got no response. In the meantime, 
I've been getting all the list messages.

So, how do I go about being able to access my account on snertsoft.com?

John Hinton

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