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Article: 186
From: Rick Knight
Date: 2009-11-19 12:29:37 -0500
Subject: Re: Re: Need Help Starting/Running Milter-Report

I'm not sure if this made the list so I'm reposting.

Anthony Howe wrote:
> Rick Knight uttered...:
>> I'm having trouble getting milter-report working. It compiled and
>> installed OK but it will not run. I'm installing on a Slackware 12
>> server. I have created an /etc/mail/milter-report.cf and modified
>> milter-report.sh to work on my system. Running milter-report -help shows
>> that my milter-report.cf is being read. I've checked permissions and
>> they seem correct. Can you give me some troubleshooting information?
> Have you updated the sendmail.mc/.cf file with the required INPUT_FILTER
> macro ?
I have made the modifications to my .cf file but I have not rebuilt the
.mc file yet. I have 4 other milters installed that I was able to test
prior to modifying my .mc file. Will milter-report not allow that? Does
milter-report need a properly configured sendmail.mc in order just to start?


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