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Article: 79
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2009-08-28 01:30:01 -0400
Subject: Re: Re: Re: milter-date ignores -strict-date-syntax option

Todd Lyons uttered...:
> Tue Aug 25 09:48:47 CDT 2009
> And I verified that simply swapping the time zone and year was
> considered a valid format, as shown below:
>> [rpmbuild@telesto util]$ ./convertDate -v 'Tue Aug 25 09:48:47 2009 CDT'
>> 1251211727       "Tue Aug 25 09:48:47 2009 CDT"  28

The old ctime() format with time zone appended.

> I did speak with the admin of the site who was having difficulty
> sending to us (an insurance company).  They contacted the software
> company who wrote the app that was generating the emails (a java app).
>  After hounding the software company for a day, the software company
> finally understood the issue and acknowledged that it did not meet the
> RFC's and said they would publish a fix "soon".  I don't expect this
> fix to hit their production servers for a couple months.

Wow! Congratulations in successfully educating both the sender and
indirectlly the software company. Not an easy task, but the world will
be better for it.

> As a temporary fix, I modified the lib to check for "year timezone"
> order, then fallback to check for "timezone year" order before

You would found it best to duplicate convertFromCtime() and re-arrange
for inverted year / time zone I would think.

> determining that the date does not pass muster.  It's working for me,
> though I can imagine that this would never be accepted into your main
> code base because the modified format does not meet any RFC
> specification, either current or obsoleted.

Pretty much. I would have needed justification of the application's
pervasiveness on the order of sendmail, qmail, exim, or similar app. to
justify inclusion.

> The only thing that kept me from whitelisting the sender in the access
> file was that I didn't see any way to tell the milter to look in ldap

Ya. No LDAP support in my milters. A socketmap / LDAP interface daemon
would be the easiest way to bring LDAP support for access-db option.

> instead of the access file.  I suppose it wouldn't be that hard to
> modify the access file on 4 different servers, but it was more of a
> challenge and education for me to hack on the c so I chose that route.

Very noble and well done. Always good to learn new things, when you have
the time and inclination to do so.

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