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Article: 55
From: Todd Lyons
Date: 2009-08-16 11:53:34 -0400
Subject: Re: Re: milter-date not adding headers

On Sat, Aug 15, 2009 at 12:56 AM, Anthony Howe<achowe@snert.com> wrote:
> Todd Lyons uttered...:
>> am doing wrong?
> The headers were conditionally added only when policy=tag or
> policy=quarantine, since policy=reject or policy=discard means a
> rejected message never reaches an inbox.
> In order to ALWAYS add them regardless, insert before line 779
> Also there is a slight bug. Move line 629 ...

Added both of those, thank you very much.

I know you're very capable and you maybe already have it, but if you
would like a quick spec file for this, I can email to you the one I
threw together.  It is not perfect, because it owns the
/var/run/milter directory (which would cause a conflict if another of
your milter apps were built from the same skeleton spec and it too
owned those /var/*/milter dirs), but it works well enough to make an
rpm that installs and runs.

Regards...      Todd

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