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Article: 40
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2009-07-22 13:46:56 -0400
Subject: Re: RE: SnertSoft trouble ticket system.

Ben Spencer uttered...:
> [snip]
>> Thoughts?
> On a small scale, that would work fairly well. If it functions as a list, the 
> person submitting the bug would have to be patent to wait for you to address 
> them as they see you/others going back and forth on other issues. A definition 
> of what should be talked about on the general user list ("how do I" vs
> is broken") might need made/re-iterated to keep the two lists from being used 
> for either purpose. If the volume is low enough, even one list could be used?

Well already many people use the list for bug reports, which is fine and
actually better for me as I have a tendency to respond to list more
often. I've found my responsiveness to the ticket system dropping off,
simply because the bug / problem reports are not centralised. Some come
direct by email, some by the support list, and some by the ticket system.

And the ticket system has many weaknesses such as allowing other users
to search past bug reports (I think). So duplication occurs. At least
the mailing least has a more public history (yes I need to update it WRT
the change in MLM software). My responsiveness to questions and reports
has dropped simply because of the 3 methods. I live in email more than
web based services. Call me old fashioned.

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