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Article: 24
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2009-07-16 03:35:05 -0400
Subject: Re: milter-limit on a smart-host

Micheal Smith uttered...:
> I'm trying to limit messages on a smart host.  The problem i'm having is
> that i only want to limit outgoing mail.  There's really no way to tell
> what's inside/out besides subnets, or domains.  This works fine, but i'm
> really trying to limit each individual email account within said
> subnets/domains.  The email traffic is to volatile to just broadly apply
> rules.  There are also far too many users to write individual rules
> for.  So i'm wondering if there's a way i can implicitly set a single
> rule that would do something like... limit each individual email within
> a given domain or block?

Split inbound and outbound servers; or if all your users are using Mail
Submission port 587, then you could just run two sendmail processes one
listening on port 25 and the other on 587 with milter-limit.

However, when a message is sent between local users, it would still be
counted against the limit.

The alternative is an internal mail server and a gateway server with
split inbound / outbound processes. Internal mail would not be counted,
while mail reaching the gateway outbound queue is really going out and
should be counted.

This could be done on one machine using IP aliasing I suppose using 3
sendmail processes; one listens on the LAN IP and acts as the internal
server, one listens on port 25 on the public IP for the inbound queue,
last one listens on a different LAN or public IP port 25 and is the
outbound queue running milter-limit.

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