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Article: 22
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2009-07-16 03:07:16 -0400
Subject: Re: limit all with milter-limit

Jorg B. uttered...:
> Hello,
> I'm using milter-limit 0.14 and would like to limit every IP address on
> our outgoing server that is doing SMTP authentication.
> Can I use a wildcard to "catch" every IP address:
> For example"
> milter-limit-Connect:*   10/1h

milter-limit-connect:		10/1h

Would be the global setting. Patterns on the left hand side are not

> If this isn't allowed, than I guess I would have to do it the following
> way (incl. +cache-by-individual):
> milter-limit-Connect:1   10/1h
> milter-limit-Connect:2   10/1h
> milter-limit-Connect:3   10/1h
> [...]
> milter-limit-Connect:255   10/1h

Or simply specify LAN prefixes:

milter-limit-connect:192	10/1h
milter-limit-connect:10		10/1h

> Also, how can I restrict the users from sending a certain amount of
> messages total (incl. CC:'s)
> For example:
> The limit is 10 messages per hour.
> So, Peter can send 10 individual messages with one recipient each, and
> Karen can only send 1 message to 10 different people (by using CC's
> and/or BCC's)

Not possible with the current milter. The limits are based number of
messages. Not recipients.

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