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Article: 2025
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2009-05-27 02:35:15 -0400
Subject: Re: Proof of concept Email Black List.

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Anthony Howe uttered...:
> Jim Hermann - UUN Hostmaster uttered...:
>> Why can't your server decode Base64?

> So my guess it is some other MTA or Ecartis MLM has a bug, which I can
> easily believe; added to the fact that development on Ecartis has
> stopped since 2006 :-(
> I've been working on my own light-weight MLM (in C) off and on for some
> time (working tittle is "Private Wimp"), which I hope to eventually
> replace Ecartis (also in C) with.

I've finally finished "Private Wimp" The Light Weight Mailing List
Manager (I might even make it available on SnertSoft for free download.)
I'm just testing and tweaking it. I'll probably switch the [milters]
list over to use Wimp this weekend.

If anyone is curious about "Private Wimp", please contact me off list.

Anthony C Howe            Skype: SirWumpus                  SnertSoft
+33 6 11 89 73 78       Twitter: SirWumpus      BarricadeMX & Milters
http://snert.com/      http://nanozen.info/     http://snertsoft.com/

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