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Article: 2022
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2009-05-22 03:17:59 -0400
Subject: Re: Proof of concept Email Black List.

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Jim Hermann - UUN Hostmaster uttered...:
> Why can't your server decode Base64?

It is something either with an MTA in transit or Ecartis MLM. Some one
converts the message into Base64 BUT neglects to change the message's
Content-Transfer-Encoding header from 8bit to base64 (or they changed
the base64 to 8bit). So the MUA has no idea that it need to decode the

Ecartis doesn't appear to decode it because it has an explicit
Content-Transfer-Encoding that happens to be wrong and Base64 is 7 bit
ASCII printable by definition.

So it is either the outbound MTA or the inbound MTA (sendmail in case).
However in my sendmail I've had for years:

define(`confEIGHT_BIT_HANDLING', `pass')dnl

Other values are "mimify" and "strict", see Bat Book 3e section
but that only applies to message without a Content-Transfer-Encoding
header as I understand.

So my guess it is some other MTA or Ecartis MLM has a bug, which I can
easily believe; added to the fact that development on Ecartis has
stopped since 2006 :-(

I've been working on my own light-weight MLM (in C) off and on for some
time (working tittle is "Private Wimp"), which I hope to eventually
replace Ecartis (also in C) with.

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