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Article: 2021
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2009-05-22 03:03:00 -0400
Subject: Re: Proof of concept Email Black List.

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Jim Hermann - UUN Hostmaster uttered...:
> What is the purpose of a Email Blank List for milter-link? 

As summarised in my original post, my original concept as I suggested to
some URI BLs a few years ago, is to black list messages contain source
and drop boxes of scam messages, such as the typical 419
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_Prisoner) "advance fee

These sort of messages typical have no web URL in the message body, so
the usual domain-bl (sorb.org, uribl.com) won't work; they often
originate from a free mail service which are not listed by ip-bl
(spamhaus.org) and ask you to reply to a different free mail service,
again not listable. While many free mail services do try to deal with
source and drop boxes, some are really slow or hard to deal with (Yahoo
comes to mind).

Spam traps can typically identify, classify, and list these mail
addresses faster in a specialised mail-bl faster that the free mail
services can react. Having bemoaned the lack of interest by BL operators
with Steve Freegard recently, he brought up the idea on the MailScanner
list, which finally yielded someone at least willing to conduct a
limited proof of concept trial until 1 July.

Since extracting mail addresses, a URI subset, is already handled in
libsnert (uri CLI), milter-link and BarricadeMX, it is very easy to
extend the checking of email address against a specialised black list,
rather than create new tools.

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