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Article: 2008
From: Jon Rowlan
Date: 2009-05-19 14:16:53 -0400
Subject: Tag lines in milter-ahead.cf

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I am tearing my hair out with this one ....

I have tried=20

milter-ahead-Connect:10.3                  []OK REJECT


tag: milter-ahead-Connect:10.3                  []OK REJECT

to my.cf file and neither seems to do the trick.

I want to allow a particular server to relay through without =
milter-ahead calling ahead.

The problem I have is that the client sending the mail doesnt wait =
around for the call ahead to the remote system which generally takes up =
to a minute before coming back with a "recipient OK". As its a RAID =
monitoring system I cant change the software so wanted to just let the =
mail pass straight through.

The online page discusses "tags" but I can't work out whether I need to =
put tag: at the beginning of the line or not.

I would like to see milter-aheads behaviour but I seem to be suffering =
from delayed entries in my syslog and mail.log which means that I dont =
see the logs until the entire message is complete but there is no =
mention of anything from milter-ahead at all.
Am I doing the wrong thing with the config file ? And how can I see a =
detailed milter-ahead log ?

Many thanks all,


Jon Rowlan
Email: jon.rowlan@sads.com
Sytems Analysis Design & Support Limited


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