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Article: 1974
From: Jon Rowlan
Date: 2009-03-23 13:28:29 -0400
Subject: Re: milter-ahead 1.4 and Debian Lenny (v5)

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>Mar 23 16:16:44 britney2 milter-ahead[25696]: failed to open =3D
>"/etc/mail/access.db": Invalid argument
>Mar 23 16:16:44 britney2 milter-ahead[25696]: failed to open =3D
>Mar 23 16:16:44 britney2 kernel: [122796.134903] milter-ahead[25696]: =
>segfault at 38 ip 0804b625 sp bf821cc0 error 4 in =3D
>I have recompiled milter-ahead and it makes no difference.
>Can anyone point me in the right direction?
>Many thanks,
>Sytems Analysis Design & Support Limited

> Make sure that that file /etc/mail/access.db exists (I guess this is
> automatically created by sendmail)

> Other way to check this is thru webmin http://www.webmin.com/ you
> and administer all the sendmail config, etc thru webmin and you point
> where that access.db should be.
>On my configuration is without quotes this way

># Path to the access.db file.


>Javier Galvez Funes
>Asesor en Internet MegaLink
>Siempre cuenta con nosotros!!!
>212-9000 Ext 110

Thanks for reply Javier, yes this file is in place.

I rebuild the sendmail files almost daily and access/access.db is one
that I do actually use the functionality of.

I have just rebuilt the access.db file and it is still working fine with

I just double checked webmin which is all showing the correct access
database too.

All looks good.


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