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Article: 1959
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2009-02-21 08:25:09 -0500
Subject: Re: "anti-virus session write error (body)"...

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Grant Taylor uttered...:
> Hi.  I've been running milter-clamc for quite a while with out problems. 
>   However one of my customers contacted me yesterday about not receiving 
> a message they thought they should be.  Upon investigation I found where 
> the message attempted to come in but was rejected with a 450 / 4.7.1 
> "anti-virus session write error (body)" error.
> It's been too long and I /think/ there is a maximum message (body) size 
> that is passed to clamd but I don't remember where to look.  Does any 
> one have any quick off the cuff "go check here"(s) before I start 
> digging deep in to ClamAV?

Look at milter-clamc.cf clamd-max-size (use -help to generate a complete
set of options and compare defaults).

Also look at the assorted size options in clamd.conf.

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