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Article: 1952
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2009-01-27 04:40:58 -0500
Subject: Re: AOL Link on black.uribl.com

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UUN Hostmaster uttered...:
> It finally happened.  AOL URI spam has been blacklisted by uribl.com
> I received this complaint:
> -----
> An email someone sent to [someone]@xxxxxx.org was refused by the xxxxx.org
> server with this error message:
> reason: 550 5.7.1 black listed URL host www.free credit report
> .com <http://www.free credit report
.com>  by .black.uribl.com
> I added the spaces because the same thing happened to me just now when I
> tried to sent this to you. That URL came from an ad that AOL added to the
> bottom of the message he sent without his knowledge.
> -----

From http://lookup.uribl.com/

Well aol.com itself is whitelisted.

aol.com	                Listed on URIBL white
                        NOT Listed on SURBL

freecreditreport.com	NOT Listed on URIBL
                        NOT Listed on SURBL

So that must have changed. However, I wouldn't complain if links
appearing in end-of-message ads starting being black listed, but that is
just me being "Ming The Merciless" BOFH when it comes to intrusive
advertising. I think I communicate with only one AOL user once or twice
a year and they have alternative email accounts.

Note the access.samples (or is it sample.access) in the milter-link
distro provides an initial exclusion list originally derived from SURBL
and URIBL white / will-never-list lists, so no point in looking up.

Note that the ones commented out as REJECT have to be enabled by
administrators choice. A good many of them I found to be generally bad
and/or very annoying despite their "we're legit" claims.

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