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Article: 1920
From: Grant Taylor
Date: 2008-12-10 15:10:44 -0500
Subject: Re: Comments on this backscatterer.org?

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On 12/10/08 09:28, Rose, Bobby wrote:
> http://www.backscatterer.org/   I've only seen this being used by 
> mail.mailroute.net which is some isp that routes webmd.net mail and 
> misc others.  I'm always seeing the flame discussions on the 
> Spamassasin lists on callbacks so is  this practice on the way out? 
> I don't believe that I've actually seen anyone actually say that 
> callbacks was the cause of a DoS.

I'm sure there are people that don't like the idea of call backs.  I 
personally do like them and use them.  I'm of the firm opinion that if 
you want to send me email, you must do it from a valid email address 
which means a server somewhere has to be willing to accept email for 
said address.  (Note:  I don't care if that email is routed to /dev/null 
or not.)

I firmly believe that requiring a valid sending email address reduces 
the amount of crap that our server receives.  In the five years we've 
been running milter-sender, I've only had a very small number of systems 
that don't support call backs, and in those cases I just white list 
milter-sender-From:<said domain name> via the Access DB.

I don't think that call backs will leave the seen any time soon.  At 
least not with out something else that is equally effective (or more so).

> Couldn't one also say that if you use greylisting that you are 
> potentially causing a DoS for yourself.

Eh.  I suppose one could argue that, but I don't see much point.  I 
think you will use less bandwidth by requiring sending servers to 
connect to your server multiple times than by accepting the crap that 
would not other wise reconnect to your server.  So, I suppose I could 
argue that you are actually saving your self bandwidth.  At least until 
everything starts implementing it's own queue.

Grant. . . .

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