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Article: 1910
From: G1OGY \(Dave\)
Date: 2008-11-23 20:39:51 -0500
Subject: access.db change has whitelisted all addresses at all domains

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Huh!  there's a temptation...

Hello everyone
I've done something stupid and I can't get back to par.

Running an old milter-spamc (milter-spamc/0.25.321) on an inbound relay
on old Redhat-9 box.
All ticketty-boo for years until I changed the access file around on
Saturday night.  Yeah, yeah...

Result is that mail coming in to any address at any domain is skipped by

Nov 23 07:24:51 pe6100 milter-spamc[996]: 05827 mAN7Okcb020374:
recipient <g1ogy@g1ogy.com> white listed, skipping

So ..
rm access.db - restore access.txt file from the backup - makemap hash
and stuff...
still have all whitelisted!

Reboot!! (box had been up 6 month)
Still all whitelisted.

Where is the whitelist?  Is it access.db?  Out of ideas.  Can anyone
give me a kick in the right direction?

Many thanks

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