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Article: 1905
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2008-11-05 09:57:26 -0500
Subject: Re: Problem with whitelist

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Roberto Tagliaferri - Tosnet srl uttered...:
> Hi, i've installed libsnert, milter-clamc and milter-link on my system 
> (postfix) but i've a problem with access:
> if i put in access.db

First you want to turn on this option for Postfix for each milter.

# Key lookups must include the terminating NUL byte. Intended for
# Postfix with postmap(1) generated .db files; experimental.

A complete list of options is available with -help

	milter-clamc -help >milter-clamc.cf.default

> milter-link-to:abuse@ OK
> The email go in milter-link (whitout doing any whitelisting), but if i write
> milter-link-to: !abuse@*!OK
> work fine
> The problem is with many address in whitelist...
> If i insert the complete email
> milter-link-to:abuse@domain.com OK

Try increasing the debug logging in one of the milters to see the
access.db lookups being made.


> work fine too
> my options for milter-link are
> access-db=/etc/milter-access.db
> milter-socket=inet:5556@
> run-group=vscan
> run-user=vscan
> interface-ip=
> +smdb-key-has-nul
> -rfc2821-syntax
> -reject-percent-relay
> -reject-rfc2606
> verbose=info
> policy=reject
> uri-bl=multi.surbl.org
> +test-sub-domains

This option is not useful with surbl.org as they don't list subdomains.

> -reject-unknown-tld
> work-dir=/var/tmp

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