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Article: 1886
From: Grant Taylor
Date: 2008-07-11 12:35:50 -0400
Subject: Re: milter-null and out-of-office

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On 07/10/08 09:06, Greg Matthews wrote:
> Anyone know the required exchange-fu required to get out-of-office 
> playing nicely with milter-null?

Um, not as such.

Out-of-Office notices (better known as vacation messages) don't really 
follow many standards.  I'd say the closest ""standard would be along 
the lines of a Message Disposition Notice (a.k.a. MDN).  I'm not 100% 
sure that MDNs will contain the necessary header to get past 
milter-null.  I think you are trying to go up a creak, nay water fall, 
with out a paddle on this one.

> At the moment our exchange system generates out-of-office messages from 
> <> and does not preserve headers so they get rejected by milter-null.


> Also, any advice you could provide to our exchange admins about how to 
> configure so that these do not get sent to mailing lists or in response 
> to spam...

I don't (personally) run Exchange / Outlook so I can't say for sure, but 
the idea is to check for any ""list (like) headers and not reply to the 
message if they exist.  Likewise with the "Auto-Submitted" header.  You 
also don't want to reply to any thing that has a "Precedence:" of
or "list".

Incidentally, this is *why* you want to set those headers in messages 
that you send from your web server and mailing lists.

> Please - no lectures about ooo being evil, you'll be preaching to the choir!

Consider your self having to deal with tis as the ongoing and never 
ending lecture.  :P  Or better yet, make the Exchange admins deal with 
the on going lecture.

> tia


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