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Article: 1876
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2008-06-21 06:01:54 -0400
Subject: Re: milter-ahead & multiple hosts/fallback hosts in mailertable

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Ferdinand Goldmann uttered...:
> I am currently using an older version of milter-ahead (dating from the days 
> when it was open source) and I am in the process of upgrading this version to 
> a current release.
> In the recent past, the demand from some users arose to have a sort of 
> "Fallback" destination host for certain domains in mailertable.
> sendmail does support this kind of feature [1] like this:
> domain.com           ESMTP:[primary.host]:[secondary.host]
> In case primary.host is down, sendmail should route the mail to 
> secondary.host. Accordingly, milter-ahead should contact secondary.host when 
> primary host is unavailable.
> As it turns out, milter-ahead does not seem to support this kind of syntax, at 
> least not according to the README on the SnertSoft website.

milter-ahead does NOT read the mailertable.db directly.

When using the mailertable with milter-ahead (not the call-ahead-db 
option), the milter makes the call-ahead based on the {rcpt_addr} and 
{rcpt_host} macros passed by sendmail. You have to make sure the default 
  milter macro definitions are not altered (truncated).

> Is there any way to achieve this kind of behaviour with milter-ahead, or would 
> one have to alter the source code to do so?

Not with the current version of milter-ahead.

BarricadeMX does allow for this with either FORWARD: or RCPT: attributes 
in the route-map table.

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