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Article: 1862
From: Grant Taylor
Date: 2008-05-13 11:41:49 -0400
Subject: "SPF result TempError: DNS request refused"

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I'm having a weird error show up in logs for a domain that I'm not quite 
sure what is causing the problem.  I am getting the following error in 
logs when milter-spiff is trying to do an SPF check.

May 13 10:19:18 <host> sm-mta[941]: <msgid>: Milter: to=<sender>, 
reject=451 4.4.3 sender <recipient> via <connecting IP> SPF result 
TempError: DNS request refused

Milter-spiff is working just fine for 98% (+) other things just like it 
should be.

What I don't understand is what is meant by "DNS request refused".  I 
can manually do an "nslookup -query=txt <sending_domain.tld>" and get 
the expected result with out a problem.

Any help that any one can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Grant. . . .

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