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Article: 1824
From: Michael Grant
Date: 2008-01-05 06:56:38 -0500
Subject: milter-clamc: clamd session port "PORT nnnn" parse error

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I'm running milter-clamc on freebsd 6.3pre with Sendmail 8.14, I also
saw the same problem on freebsd 6.2.

I see this error in my log from time to time but milter-clamc is for
the most part working:

    Jan  4 21:50:25 charm milter-clamc[31309]: 25142 m052oIDZ094043:
clamd session port "PORT 1034" parse error

The port number varies.  This doesn't seem critical but it is
annoying, it is occurring on average about 2-3 times a day out of
about 8000 messages/day.

Anyone else see this in their logs?

The code looks fine to me, I don't know why it's failing:

        if (sscanf(buffer, "PORT %u", &sessionPort) != 1) {
                rc = clamdError(data, TAG_FORMAT "clamd session port
\"%s\" parse error", TAG_ARGS, buffer);
                goto error2;

Michael Grant

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