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Article: 1763
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2007-10-06 14:06:12 -0400
Subject: Re: Milters and access.db

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Rose, Bobby wrote:
> Is there a scenario whereby the access file isn't reopened even if it's
> changed and the snert milters don't use the access file at all for 10
> minutes?  Back in July I attempted to use milter-error but had to stop
> because sometimes it wouldn't find my tags for excluding systems.  A
> couple weeks ago, I enabled the greylisting of milter-sender but I then
> began to see that it too will on occassion not read tags either until I
> makemap my access file again or wait for a 10 minute chime. I've tried a
> couple scenarios to try to duplicate the issue but haven't been able to.

What format do your access entries have? Maybe there is an 
incorrect/unsupported syntax being applied.

> I probably see it more than most because I have a script that parse my
> maillogs for SpamAssassin markers for stats and if it sees too many from
> the same IP in a threshold time, I temp block them by modifying a text
> file that is cat'd with my main access file to a temp file which is
> makemapped into the access.db.  But I only recently starting using a
> separate autoblock file since before I was appending the main access
> file and makemapping it.  At most, the access.db is rebuilt every
> 10minutes.  Now I thought it was my process that makemapped the access
> file causing milter-sender to reopen the access.db but it would do it
> even if there hadn't been any changes since the last makemap.  Almost as
> if it finally saw the access.db had changed on the 10minute mark.

When you rebuild access.db do you "build & replace" or "overwrite in 
place", see the following:


All the milters use common code found in libsnert that relies on fstat() 
and so "overwrite in place" idiom in order to detect access.db changes.

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