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Article: 1756
From: Christian 'CBE' Benner
Date: 2007-10-04 10:07:03 -0400
Subject: milter-report

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Hi list,

haven't understand how milter-report is deleting ndr's in his database.

milter-reports works fine and is sending out his reports like this:

Wed Oct  3 18:49:44 2007 l93GmK9d030478 <mihran@shoyher.com>
(182-62-207-82.pool.ukrtel.net [])
Wed Oct  3 19:17:30 2007 l93HHBRA031771 <jramirez@kcmsd.net>
(catv-5984f85e.catv.broadband.hu [])
Wed Oct  3 21:02:47 2007 l93J2fPT005314 <sales@nanshesecurity.com>
Thu Oct  4 11:06:38 2007 l9495vQ6017374 <Kralerqivge@123.com>
(108sosua102.codetel.net.do [])
Thu Oct  4 12:07:34 2007 l94A7Npc021367 <jr@fdf.dk>
(68-114-44-222.static.gwnt.ga.charter.com [])
Thu Oct  4 12:27:10 2007 l94AQu4S022372 <jraborn@rccl.com>
(nat-dzi3.aster.pl [])

But as you can see some entries are "old". If milter-report is sending
out his "report" he should delete such already reported entries but it

Hm, must be a misconfiguration of mine.

Any hints ???

(Sure latest libmilter, and milter-report in use) :-)


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