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Article: 1749
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2007-09-30 03:16:09 -0400
Subject: Re: Milter-Link problem - Timeout Error

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Matt Richter wrote:
> Milter-Link is running and functioning correctly for the most part, however,
> the maillog keeps reporting the following:
> Sep 28 13:31:55 scanner sendmail[29016]: l8SIUtHQ029016: Milter
> (milter-link): timeout before data read

This sendmail timing out before the milter reports an answer. The log 
line prior to this one in the session would allow me to see the time 
difference.  However, check you INPUT_MAIL_FILTER T= values. Make sure 
the E: is 5m or so.

> Sep 28 13:31:55 scanner sendmail[29016]: l8SIUtHQ029016: Milter
> (milter-link): to error state
> End-users are complaining that they are receiving multiple copies of the
> same emails. I checked with some admins
> of sending servers and they report that my receiving server is breaking the
> connection prior to completion.
> Are the milter-link error the problem, or should I be looking elsewhere.

Don't see why. If the sendmail were breaking the connection, because of 
setting F=T or something else, I would expect that they would get an 
actual reply code and message. Turn up you sendmail LogLevel to show the 
SMTP dialog and watch for a while.

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