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Article: 1746
From: Tobias Hensel
Date: 2007-09-25 05:45:39 -0400
Subject: AW: Re: milter-length on opensuse 10.2

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Problem solved.
Problem was my fault.
First I tried to build libsnert without sendmail headers which breaked up.
After installing them I tried to build libsnert immediately again without
making a "make clean". Guess something was left from the first build and
then was not overwritten by the second, so the libraries wasn't installed
After a cleaning und rebuilding libsnert everything works fine.
Should read more about "building from sources" for the next time.

Thanks for your help!

> Tobias Hensel wrote:
> > trying to install milter-length on OpenSuSE 10.2 with sendmail Version
> > 8.13.8 and Berkeley DB 4.4.20
> >
> > Building libsnert works fine but  trying to build milter-length breaks
> up
> > with the following error during make build:
> All the link errors you reported relate to Libsnert not detecting the
> libmilter headers and therefore not building the my smf API.  Be sure to
> install the matching libmilter and headers for sendmail-8.13.8. Better
> yet, upgrade to sendmail 8.14 & libmilter, which has many bug fixes and
> enhancements (8.13.8 is a little old now).
> In the libsnert configure summary, it probably said "Sendmail libmilter:
> no", instead of yes.
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